As part of the May Days Celebration, our annual May Days Market receives tonnes of foot traffic all weekend long. We are currently searching for the best market vendors to be apart of this years show!

We are looking for Food Trucks, Arts + Craft Vendors, Vintage, and Clothing vendors.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor and want to find out more. Please fill out the form below!

Vendor set up: We encourage all vendor trucks to arrive at the event on Friday, at 11a.m. and be set up by 2:30 p.m.

Vendor take down: Sunday, May 19 after 4:00 pm. Vendors are committed to remain in the park for the duration of May Days - Leaving early is not allowed and vendors doing so may be barred from future events.. Rutland Park Society will provide overnight security from May 17th through 18th. There is no parking on event grounds.

If you need to restock, you will need to do so prior to opening each day.

Terms and Conditions

  • The vendor fee is non-refundable. Should a vendor be unable to attend for the year paid, 50% of the fee will be applied to the following year.
  • Vendors do not have exclusivity on any one product.
  • Vendors can supply their own tents, tables, chairs, etc. or The Rutland Park Society can rent you tents and tables for an additional fee.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own cash, credit card and debit card security.
  • Vendors will only sell family oriented items. Any dispute over items for sale will be resolved by the Rutland Park Society Board of Directors and their decisions will be final.
  • Vendors must display their business insurance certificate in a prominent public place within their booth.
  • Vendors must add the Rutland Park Society as an additional insured to their business insurance coverage. Lack of up-to-date insurance coverage that includes Rutland Park Society as an additional insured will result in closure and removal from the park.
  • Food vendors must display their up-to-date Food Safe certificate in a prominent public place within their booth. Lack of up-to-date certification will result in closure and removal from the park.
  • All food vendors must comply with the permit requirements of BC Interior Health
  • Vendors must empty their grey water into the receptacle provided by event organizers
  • Vendors must dispose of their own garbage and recycling in the dumpsters provided.
  • Vendors must display product prices.
  • Vendors must not engage in price wars.
  • Vendors must only occupy their designated space and not encroach out from this space.
  • Vendors must not use halogen lights. Vendors must use LED and/or fluorescent lights.
  • Vendors must use government approved outdoor cables and power bars, these will be checked by our electrician and if found faulty must be replaced before the vendor can open for business.
  • Vendor with generators 5000W and above must provide permits from the BC Safety Authority. 
  • The BC Safety Authority Directive No: D-E3 080606 1 stipulates that: For all non-commercially built structures (such as mobile concession stands, kiosks, construction trailers and similar structures that are custom built) or if certification of commercially built structures is not available from an accredited certification or testing agency, then application for approval may be made to the BC Safety Authority:
    • A licensed electrical contractor obtains an installation permit prior to construction;
    • The installation conforms to applicable rules of the BC Electrical Code;
    • Inspection requests and declarations are submitted per normal installation permit procedures; and
    • The BC Safety Authority approval label (Silver Label) is applied to a permanently attached exterior metal plate located near the electrical service entry before the structure is shipped from the factory. Note that our electrician will check for proper certification and approval.